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Casa del Equipo, Cabarete: Ulises + Chicas
Ulises and some of the Chicas of one of many, many Clubs

All Information is online and can be found
on sites of and the directly connected ones.

No more insider-information of girls videos offered for sale.

There has been a clubguide offered the last years,
but information has spread through the web so fast
that you can find newer information by collecting
reports, photos and videos from all websits in the world.

Ulises is not exclusive any more and stopped the offer
to pay for information on member sites.

No more DVDs of Ulises will be sold or adult-material of girls shown
to avoid unauthorizised publication on other sites.

Thanks to people like this youtube member guy "maxmar2002",
who copied the Ulises-videos of Maricela at youtube and
published them again under his name, unsing an insulting title,
I became aware, that NO video which exists in the web
is safe of not beeing copied and published again
by copyright pirates on whatever sites.

Therefore, I will NOT sell any videos with private content any more.
Such, I make sure, that ONLY my selected videos could be spread,
which I myself regard to be harmless for me and the filmed persons

Ulises, December 2008


Videos by Ulises
can be seen on following sites:

Videos by BACHATERO at Youtube

Videos by ULISES at MyVideo

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