Merengue Show

Rubby Perez

Live at Car Wash Sosua
En vivo al Car Wash Sosua
Fotos vom Merenguekonzert im Car Wash Sosua.

Remark: In the Dominican Republic nearly every Car Wash is switched to a Disco Club in the evening.
Read more about it and see a girl dancing Merengue in her chair!
The opening of the new Car Wash discoclub in Sosua was a very big event and they had booked one of the most famous Merengue Singers of the Dominican Republic, named: Rubby Perez. He has a hit in the charts at the time beeing and you can imagine, how people got off the chairs to dance and to give standing ovations.
Following, you will see fotos aof the show. His latest smash hit is TU VAS A VOLAR and you can hear a line out of this song by clicking the name of the song.
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Tu vas a volar heisst:
Du wirst fliegen.
Als das Lied kam, sind alle
aufgestanden und haben mit
den Armen gewedelt
als wären es Flügel.

The hitline of his song:
You will fly.
When they performed the song
they stood up and waved
their arms as if
they were wings.

Haz Clic aqui, see big fotos of her
Que pana, no se
el nombre de ella.
Si tu lo sabes,
p.f. manda me un e-mail

Rubby Micky y Uly
Natürlich war ich beim Konzert
in Begleitung:
Auf dem Foto mit Rubby
ist auch Micky,
mit der ich viel getanzt habe.

Rubby, Ulises, Micky
Esa noche solo baile con Micky

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Rubby Perez Show, Foto taken from page 2 of 2,
taken / sacado / geschossen
Oct. 6, 2000 (c) by Ulises

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