Las Brisas, Cabarete

Oliver, Wendy + Ulises, Okt 2001
The Las Brisas Disco-Bar is a place, meant for Tourists
Ulises went there with Wendy and her brother Oliver
Cute Wendy went there anotherday alone and was arrested by the police,
only because she was in there alone, whithout company of a man.
Reason: Suspected Prostitute.
She was held in prison one night
She had to pay 500 Pesos to get out.
That is how they keep Dominican girls away from Tourists.
She would not have been arrested, if police would have met her at a place
which is meant for Dominicans and where Tourists mostly do not dare to go. Like the DACHY in Cabarete.


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This page was created by Ulises during his vacation in Siggi's Internetcafe, Sosua, Oct. 2001 a few days after the visit of Las Brisas, Cabarete. You can go from Sosua to Cabarete by Taxi Publico for only 20 Pesos, about 1.25 US$

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