Bachatera Bonita


Bar Nuevo Ambiente 
Parada de Alex y El Salman

I met Betania in this little club in Sosua Abajo which is named Nuevo Ambiente.
First thing I saw was how she was dancing the Bachata with Jean Luis whom I considr to be the best Bachata dancer who I met during this vacation.
Betania danced with Luis a very exciting style of Bachata.
Of course she danced good with all the other clients of the bar, too and as well with her best friend, una hermana del alma. You can see pictures of Betania dancing with Jean-Luis.
So of course, later, after Jean-Luis had taught me how to dance his Bachata-style it was a MUST for me to practice with Betania and the best way was to ask her to go out with me and accompany me to other places, so I was sure she would be at my side and dance with me all the time. One of during our visits at Disco El Salman and Parada de Alex there were shot more fotos of the Clubs, people dancing there and ofcourse some fotos of me dancing with Betania, too. Thus I could train immediately some essential new styles Jean Luis had shown me and came to know more and more the Dominican way of stepping out.

Führe die Maus ins Bild und wieder heraus!
Mueve el raton encima y afuera de la foto!
Move the mouse in and out of the pic

Jean Luis + Betania

Fotos Menu Betania mit Deutschem Text
Perdon, no hay informacion en castellano creo que sabes todo sobre bailar, no?

Bachatera BETANIA en los lugares
Bar Nuevo Ambiente 
Sosua Abajo y El Salman
taken / sacado / geschossen
Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, 2000 © by Ulises

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